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Night Lights For Adults

Add some elegance to your bedroom with state of the art mood lighting bedroom products and wake up lights. Your bedroom is your oasis. A place of rest and relaxation where your body resets for the upcoming day.  The addition of an LED Mood Light can enhance your bedrooms feel by creating emotionally appealing and stimulating atmospheres, leading to improved positive emotions. As you drift off to sleep, you can harness these positive emotions for a better sleep experience.  Here we will look at some solutions available that may be a perfect fit for your personal rest space.

The LUNE Mood Light

LUNE Mood Light (Black)

Lets start with our personal favorites, the LUNE Mood Light made by Cielux. This LED light is stunning and sleek, and is the perfect addition to any bedroom looking for some added elegance. The LUNE Mood Light uses Dense Matrix LED technology to produce beautiful ambient light while only consuming a mere 9 watts of energy. It also boasts a lifespan of 50,000 or more hours. The Lune’s graceful design is matched only by its graceful ease of operation. No switched, knobs, or buttons. A simple tap or “Touch and Hold” feature can turn the light on and off, change colors, dim the unit, and more.

LUNE Colors

LUNE features seven static colors (red,yellow, green, teal, blue, magenta, and white). You can choose between two continuous color changing (rainbow) modes, hold a single color of your desire, and dim to your perfect setting. The LUNE is available in both black and white, and its simple design will quell any fears of becoming dated. The LUNE also boasts a rotating arm which allows you to adjust where you want the light to shine. Keep the beautiful inner circle illuminated, or light up a wall with vibrant colors. We love it for a child’s room as well, and is the perfect choice for a single source light.


NOX Smart Sleep Light

NOX Smart Sleep Light

The Nox Smart Sleep Light was specifically created for the bedroom. It is not your average mood light. This amazing sleep light can positively influence your sleep environment while adapting to your body’s natural Circadian Rhythm. The Nox produces only red wavelengths which can help raise your body’s naturally production of melatonin. Other artificial light sources can produce blue light wavelengths which have shown to severely suppress melatonin production and throw off Circadian rhythms twice as much. While the Nox can offer a variety of soothing colors, it also has built in sound therapy to help you fall asleep with the combination of light and sound therapy.

bThe true power of Nox is that it uses the Sleepace APP for a variety of added features. The APP will tell Nox when you’ve fallen asleep and will tell the Nox to turn off. Furthermore, the APP can set a wake-up light which allows the Nox to begin illuminating at the lightest part of your sleep cycle. The APP will monitor your sleep 30 minutes prior to your desired wake up time, and when this light sleep cycle is detected, Nox will activate. The gentle light will allow you to gradually versus being jolted awake by a noisy alarm clock.

NOX Complete Sleep System

Finally, the Nox has built in sensors which can monitor your bedrooms temperature, humidity, and can pick up ambient light and noise. Combine this with the RestOn Sleep Monitor to give you a complete Sleep System which can track your sleep cycles and body movement. Use the RestOn’s comprehensive sleep data and scoring to help improve your sleep quality along with the Nox’s ability to understand how your sleep environment may be affecting your sleep habits.


Avea Flare & Bulb

AVEA Light Bulb

Instead of a single product, how about transforming every light source in your bedroom into a colorful, dynamic mood light that can be completely controlled from your smart phone or tablet. If creating an atmosphere that will immerse your bedroom in rich color is of interest to you, than you may consider the Avea Light Bulb. Place this energy efficient LED light bulb in any lamp or outlet in your bedroom and gain complete control of your sleep environment.
The Avea APP can be downloaded and used with you your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Apple Watch using Blue Tooth Technology. Easily control your brightness and choose from a wide variety of color options including Magic Hour, Northern Glow, Cherry Blossom, Cozy Flames, Sunny Field, and more. The APP also has a built in Wake Up function that will allow you to gradually awake from a gently increasing light intensity to mimic a rising sun. The is far more beneficial than being jolted awake from a loud alarm clock.

AVEA Flare

Combine your Avea Bulbs with the Avea Flare Portable Mood Light for an even greater experience. The Flare’s sleek design and 360 degree light is perfect for your bedroom or any room in your house. It is a battery powered, wirelessely charged LED lamp that can be used for 8 hours straight on a single charge. Small and Light enough to carry into any room, the Flare can be a statement piece with full lighting control.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece, or a fully controlled atmosphere, there are many wonderful mood lighting bedroom products available to you. At Slick Sleep we constantly look for new sleep technology to bring to your place of rest.


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