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The Best Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding or Clenching) is often overlooked by those struggling to find answers for their sleep problems.  If you have ever woken up with a sore jaw or aching teeth, you may be suffering from Sleep Bruxism.  This is a sleep related movement disorder that can cause snoring and pauses in your breathing.  Furthermore, it can cause long term damage to your teeth, cause headaches, and jaw disorders.

Luckily, there are a variety of solutions that can help limit the impact that teeth grinding has on your sleep and dental health.  Here we will look at some of the best bruxism solutions available today.

The Best Custom Solution

Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab Night Guard

If you are unfamiliar with what a dental laboratory does, let us explain!  A dental lab is where all of your crowns, laminates, dentures, and dental implant restorations are created.  When your dentist takes an impression of your mouth, they are sending it to a dental lab.  They are the artists of the dental world.

Sparkling White Smiles

Many dental labs also create mouth guards you can wear at night to protect your teeth from excessive grinding.  Usually this requires a visit with your Dentist, and it can be rather expensive.  However, Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab now offers the service of sending an impression kit directly to your home!


Once you place your order, the lab will send you an easy to use impression kit.  The impression process takes about 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home.  Once complete, you will send your impression back to the laboratory with pre-paid shipping labels.

During the fabrication process, Sparkling White Dental Lab can create a fully customized solution specific to your needs.  You can choose from a soft, medium, or hard density.  They offer materials like Acrylic, Rubber, and a Hybrid Dual Laminate.   Finally, you can choose whether you want the unit fabricated for your upper or lower jaw.  Ultimately, you’ll receive a custom solution at the fraction of the cost!

The Newest Innovation In Bruxism

The BRUX Night Guard

We’ve been keeping close tabs on this product for a while.  The BRUX Night Guard is the perfect solution for people who can’t stand wearing a big, bulky mouthpiece at night.  The BRUX can be worn on either the upper or lower jaw, and it is smaller than most dental guards.

BRUX Night Guard: Prevent Teeth Grinding While You Sleep

The unit fits over the anterior (front) teeth leaving the posterior free.  This eliminates bulkiness in the back of your mouth which is great for anyone who has a sensitive gag reflex.  The smaller profile can also make it easier to breath.  As you bite down on the unit, the anterior coverage prevents the posterior teeth from touching.

The BRUX Night Guard is made from 2 materials that work together to produce a durable outer shell, with a boil and bite inner tray.  Both of the materials are softer than the hard guards produced by Dentist’s.  This material can be easier on the teeth and gums.

The molding process can be done quickly in the comfort of your own home.  Likewise, the unit can be re-molded for a better fit, if necessary.  This is a solution that can ease the pains and symptoms of TMJ.  The BRUX night guard has also shown to reduce headaches while protecting your teeth.  At a price point of only $70, it falls well under the high cost custom solutions.

The Best Affordable Solution

Dental Duty Mouth Guard

When searching for a solution for Bruxism, your first concern is finding something that works.  It’s nice if you can save a bit of money while doing so!   If you are not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional mouth guard from your dentist, Dental Duty mouth guards might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Professional Dental Guard -Pack Of 4- Stops Teeth Grinding, Bruxism, Tmj, & Eliminates Teeth Clenching . Includes Fitting Instructions & Anti-Bacterial Case. Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

The unique guards mold to fit your exact mouth, allowing them to form a snug fit on both upper and lower teeth. To create the product, simply place it in boiling hot water until it softens, let it cool slightly, and then press it against your teeth until you get a tight-fitting guard that will stay firmly in place all night long.  They are re-moldable in case you do not like the first fit.

The night guards offer a slim design that provides better ease of speech than many competitors, and the material is BPA-free for your safety.  The true value comes from it’s multi-use capability.  These guards can also serve as athletic mouth guards and teeth whitening trays. The anti-bacterial case keeps the mouth guards clean and easy for frequent travelers to slip into a bag or suitcase.

These are the perfect night guards to relax the jaw muscles, prevent teeth from grinding and clenching and alleviate other problems that may cause dental injuries. They also help to combat annoying symptoms of Bruxism such as facial muscle pain, spasms, and neck and joint pain.



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